terça-feira, abril 22, 2008

All we need is Love

LOVE noun/verb


a strong feeling of deep affection for sb/sth, especially a member of your family or a friend:

a mother’s love for her children > love of your country > He seems incapable of love.


2[U] a strong feeling of affection for sb that you are sexually attracted to:

a love song / story > We’re in love! > She was in love with him. > They fell in love with each other. > It was love at first sight (= they were attracted to each other the first time they met). > They’re madly in love. > Their love grew with the years.

ENJOYMENT3[U, sing.]

the strong feeling of enjoyment that sth gives you:

a love of learning > He’s in love with his work. > I fell in love with the house.


a person, a thing or an activity that you like very much:

Take care, my love. > He was the love of my life (= the person I loved most). > I like most sports but tennis is my first love.


(BrE, informal) a word used as a friendly way of addressing sb:

Can I help you, love?—compare duck


a score of zero (points or games):40–love! > She won the first set six–love / six games to love.

I can't understand why such a nice thing is so complicated in life, actually we make Love a complicated matter at all. When we look deep down we see how simple it can be but as the adults we think we are, we build up walls to make everything more difficult or somewhat more interesting.

I love this blog. I love my pets, my parents, my relatives, myself, my friends, my boyfriend.

Even loving all of them, nothing is as simple as this. Nothing is perfect and nothing is always the way we meant to be.

Love builds and destroys. It is destroying my brain is slowly but I'm still capable to think... I think at least!

Could I be writing all this without thinking?

Gosh i'm writing in the wrong language O.O!

Sorry... my brain has melted...

I love water.